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HydroSpa Services

Muskoka HydroSpa Day Passes

HydroSpa Day Pass:

Enjoy access to the Hydrospa circuits and luxury amenities at $100++ per person.

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The indoor Invigoration Circuit: salt room, massage chairs, foot reflexology massagers and an oxygen bar

The outdoor Water Circuit: two barrel saunas, outdoor heated pool, hot tub, cold shower, Muskoka chairs, pool loungers

Men's and women's luxurious locker rooms with aroma-infused steam room and sauna facilities

Men’s and women’s indoor hot tub with views of Lake Rosseau

A co-ed relaxation lounge with views of Lake Rosseau

Spa robe, slippers and signature spa amenities

Complimentary healthy refreshments

All day access from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.

Outdoor Water Circuit

The spa uses the ancient practice of hot and cold-water therapy through a therapeutic pool and hot tub, outdoor barrel saunas and a cold shower for a myriad of physical and psychological benefits

  • Hydrospa Epsom Salt Hot Tub

    Outdoor Pool and Hot Tub

    Overlooking majestic Lake Rosseau, this circuit includes a full-size pool with stair style seating and temperatures adjusted to the season for use all year round, it’s the perfect way to start your hydrotherapy experience. Immerse yourself into one of our hot tubs to relax muscles and joints while listening to the tranquil sound of water gushing in the larger pool. Heath benefits of hydrotherapy: it promotes relaxation and lowers cortisol levels (stress hormone).

  • Hydrospa Sauna

    Wood Fired & Electric Barrel Saunas

    Electric Bubble Sauna: Our Muskoka Sauna Co. electric bubble sauna has a fabulous view of pristine lake Rosseau while enjoying the benefits of the infused aromatherapy. Peppermint Oil benefits headaches, muscle aches, joint pain and calms the skin.

    Wood Burning Barrel Sauna: This large wood fired Cedar barrel sauna is made exclusively for HydroSpa by Muskoka Sauna Co. This Eucalyptus infused sauna promotes respiratory clarity, healing to the skin, balances blood sugar and cardiovascular system and relieves joint pain, stress and promotes healthy sleep habits.

  • Hydrospa Circuit

    Muskoka Avalanche Immersion Shower

    Between the heat therapy of each module – the sauna, steam or tubs, it’s recommended to regulate body temperature with a quick cold immersion shower.

    Benefits/Advantages: Our specially made cedar tub with Lake Rosseau water at low temperature can improve your circulation, deepen your sleep, spike your energy levels, and reduce inflammation in your body. Increased circulation is the biggest benefit to our cold plunge shower. As it regulates core body temperature as part of the hydrotherapy circuit it constricts circulation on the surface of your body. This causes blood in your deeper tissues to circulate at faster rates to maintain ideal body temperature.

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    Installations: Warming fireplace, Muskoka Chairs, pool loungers

    Relax on the cozy loungers and enjoy the panoramic view of the majestic yet serene Lake Rosseau. Gather around the fire pit and breathe in the refreshing Muskoka air. Let your body rest and heal.

Indoor Invigoration Circuit

At the HydroSpa Muskoka we take you from benefits of water therapies to a beautiful change room and relaxation lounge, where you may use the private men’s and women’s steam rooms, sauna and whirlpool with the perfect view of Lake Rosseau. You can change out of your spa robes and use our fully stocked facilities to prepare yourself for relaxation where we will take your body, mind and soul to the next level leaving you feeling rejuvenated, clear minded, offsetting physical and mental balances through several modalities.

  • Hydrospa Circuit

    Salt Room

    The HydroSpa Salt Room is designed to spend 30 – 40 minutes in anti-gravity or hanging chairs while the far wall will relax your mind with a sunset beach with waves crashing towards you. The health benefits of this room are specifically designed for your respiratory system.  This therapy is known as Halo therapy and has been used for over 175 years.  Very small particles of salt are pumped into the air to draw out irritants, such as toxins and allergens as well as breakdown mucus and clear the lungs and sinuses. Improving lung functioning, making breathing easier and alleviate sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath.
    For the skin, salt is amazing as well. Treating acne, psoriasis and dry skin. Loose fitting clothing is recommended. Many guests have reported improved mood, mental clarity and performance, and lower stress levels.
  • Hydrospa Circuit

    Massage Chairs and Foot Reflexology massagers

    Our massage chairs feature six massage techniques: Rubbing, Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu, and Combination. Enjoy two zero-gravity positions to help calm your body and mind while releasing tension from tired muscles. The foot ottoman features eight airbags and three rolling massagers that help soothe sore ankles and feet. Our foot massagers promote relaxation, improve circulation, relieve tension, and fatigue, and alleviate muscle pain. Take the tension out of your toes, satisfy your soles, and make your whole body feel good.
  • Oxygen Bar

    Oxygen Bar

    Breathe in and freshen up your senses with our self-serve oxygen bar station.  Flavours offered:

    • BEACH – Wisteria – Visualizing, exotic, relaxing
    • ZEN – Rosemary & Mint – cooling, refreshing, invigorating
    • CALMING – Lavender & Tangerine – relaxes, relives emotional stress
    • PURE – Un-scented


Soothing Greens - redness relief facial by Farmhouse Fresh Organics

BEST ENJOYED: When feeling irritated THE MOOD: Goodness greens for gorgeous skin EXPERIENCE: Complexion finds its balance, in a gentle coconut milk cleanse. If pesky pores have you down, an aronia berry tonic takes care of their appearance and replenishes with waves of antioxidants too. Next, a shea sugar scrub whisks away every rough, dry patch that has overstayed its welcome, followed by a soothing avocado oil, butter and ex tract mask and a firming serum rich in hyaluronic acid. End with an ageless eye serum — infused with organic gotu kola to alleviate the appearance of fine lines and pesky crow’s feet.

50 minutes | $200

Get up and Glow - super antioxidant facial by Farmhouse Fresh Organics

BEST ENJOYED: Extra hot THE MOOD: Refreshed and radiant EXPERIENCE: Enjoy a hydrating Green Tea Milk. After being cleansed and replenished, scrub down with an energizing sugar exfoliation to jump start circulation, scrub away scaly skin, and leave you with a seriously smooth complexion. Next, a rich dark chocolate and COQ10 enzyme mask is applied which leaves you with a smooth, hydrated complexion. Next a second dose of replenishment with our aronia fruit and rose water tonic. Unwind with a thorough soak in Wine Down, a super antioxidant recovery serum loaded with resveratrol from Texas winery grapes and a smorgasbord of un-ripened fruits and vegetables that plump and feed your skin. A botanical milk and clinical peptide moisturizer is applied to your face, before your eyes are finally treated to a powerhouse deep wrinkle fighting serum that clinically earned its name – Crow Catcher.

50 minutes | $200

Orange you clear now - facial by Farmhouse Fresh Organics

BEST ENJOYED: Gaining clarity THE MOOD: Fruits for face and a refreshed YOU EXPERIENCE: Treat complexion to a whole lot of clarity and respite from the world. We begin with a gentle coconut milk cleanse. If pesky pores have you down, an aronia berry tonic takes care of their appearance and replenishes with waves of antioxidants too. Next, a fermented lemon peel mask with brightening clays illuminates and tightens. Add a splash of healing to this treatment with an antioxidant-recovery serum using resveratrol from Texas winery grapes. Finally, total weightless hydration is yours with a FHF-grown micro kale extract moisturizer that delivers a clinical ageless peptide.

50 minutes | $200

Flat out - time reversal facial by Farmhouse Fresh Organics

BEST ENJOYED: Rewinding those hands of time THE MOOD: Sippin' from the fountain of youth EXPERIENCE: Leave fine lines in the past with this ageless facial, rich with delicious fruit extracts. We begin with a coconut milk cleanse and a splash of hydration comes in the form of a delicious vitamin C tonic — packed with 11 super fruit extracts for waves of illumination too. Next, a banana pulp mask is painted on to tighten, then once rinsed, it’s followed by a firming serum rich with hyaluronic acid. We end with a luxurious blend of three botanical milks, specially formulated with peptides that soothe and firm skin

50 minutes | $200


Therapeutic RMT Massage

Manipulates superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques. The goal is to enhance function, aid in the healing process, decrease muscle reflex activity, and promote relaxation and well-being.

50 minutes | $210 80 minutes | $290

Deep Tissue RMT Massage

Working thoroughly into muscle tissue, this massage is customized by a Registered Massage Therapist to relax aching muscles, relieve deep tension and increase local circulation.

50 minutes | $220 80 minutes | $300

Relaxation Massage

A soft pressure massage designed to reduce stress and leave you feeling peaceful and revitalized.

50 minutes | $185 80 minutes | $280

The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience

This hero treatment releases tension held in every part of the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and re-charged. Carefully applied pressure stimulates the nervous system, Swedish and neuromuscular techniques relieve muscular tension and lymphatic drainage helps encourage healthy circulation. Stresses and strains are dissolved away.

50 minutes | $195 80 minutes | $280

Hot Stone Massage

Warm stones glide across your body, producing radiant heat to relax muscles. This full body massage provides relaxation and restores energy and balance.

50 minutes | $195 80 minutes | $280

Body Treatments

Please note that body treatments are performed by aestheticians not Registered Massage Therapists (RMT). If you require a receipt for insurance purposes, please book an RMT Massage

Cranberry Sangria Immersion

This dreamy experience will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, lightly scented, and hydrated. Your body will be gently exfoliated with our Muskoka Cranberry body scrub, followed by an awakening of your spirit with the scent of cranberries. Not only does it smell like cranberries, but it also actually has cranberry seeds. Next, a light massage is done with a drizzle of cranberry lotion that completes this positively sweet tart experience.

60 minutes | 225

100 Acres of Relaxation

This treatment focuses on hard worked legs/feet and will leave you walking on a cloud. Perfect after a long day of everyday life. The treatment will start with a gentle scrub that is infused with CBD organic oils. The legs and feet will then be painted with a rich clay-based CBD mask and wrapped in a hot towel. A relaxing 5-minute neck and shoulder massage is done using a CBD medium. Culminate this experience with a lower leg and foot massage designed to soothe distressed muscles and feet with a cooling, tingling sensation. This HEMP CBD massage treatment will alleviate leg and foot pain, relieve soreness, stress as well as reduce joint swelling.

60 minutes | 225

Beachy Clean - glow before you go

Get prepped, primed, and primped for the ultimate sun-bathing vacation. This citrus-scented scrub will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Your now radiant skin will drink up vitamin-E rich body milk that will whisk you away to the beach of your choice, before you even step foot on the plane. Here comes the sun.

60 minutes | 225

Sweet Retreat - Muskoka Maple

Your senses will light up from the pleasant aroma. Next comes a slow exfoliation using a sweet cream maple scrub that smells so delicious you’ll be taking a deep breath, just to savor the sensory bliss. Finished with a light, moisturizing body milk massage. A magically sweet treat, no calories added. Your skin will say thank-you for making it feel so soft

60 minutes | 225

Contouring and Firming Body Treatment

A specialized body treatment combines a detoxifying wrap and advanced body massage to tone and firm the skin. Circulation is stimulated through body exfoliation using dry brush and a customized body scrub with an antioxidant-rich coffee and cocoa powder mix. Mocha mud creamy body mask with smoothing and contouring properties is applied to address problem areas prone to cellulite, fluid retention and uneven skin texture. A relaxing massage follows to help the body eliminate toxins, tone the skin and revitalize the mind. A course of treatments is recommended to maximize the effects.

60 minutes | $280

Detoxifying French Green Clay, Seaweed, Grape Stem Cell Body Wrap

This luxurious wrap begins with a gentle exfoliation of sugarcane extract infused with shea butter, noni, safflower, and soothing oils for superior hydration and radiance. Peppermint scented French green clay detox body mask invigorates, while drawing impurities and toxins from the skin. Coconut, argan, grape stem cells, and tea extracts hydrate and improve tone and texture.

60 minutes | $280

Men's Experiences

Men’s Facial

Give your skin a fresh look and feel with a deep cleansing facial designed to add moisture and reduce irritation. With youth regenerating skincare and a relaxing scalp massage this treatment is more than just a facial. Take-home instructions for the perfect skin are included.

50 minutes | $195 80 minutes | $280

Face & Body Rejuvenation

Lie back and enjoy a rejuvenating back scrub, back massage and facial with natural plant extracts. Pamper your body with exfoliating and hydrating oils massaged into the skin, followed by a cleansing and hydrating facial treatment designed to improve tired dull skin for a more youthful looking appearance.

80 minutes | $280

Manicures & Pedicures

Fizzy Citrus Blossom Pedicure

Tickle your citrus bone while lifting your spirits in a perfect blend of floral tea and ginger bubble bath soak. Your soles will be exfoliated with the perfect citrus blend of lemongrass, grapefruit, and sweet orange Sugar Scrub, leaving your feet feeling refreshed! Next, the lower legs and feet are painted in a rich shea butter masque, then wrapped in a warm paraffin wrap, for the ultimate absorption. A relaxing lower leg and foot massage is done with our Citrus lotion followed by Hot Stone that will leave your skin deeply hydrated and circulation improved to your lower limbs.

60 minutes | $115

Muskoka Maple Parfait Pedicure

Start by soaking your feet in our warm bubble bath soak, this will help calm the mind, body and soul. Your soles will be exfoliated with the invigorating Muskoka Maple Scrub polish, which will leave your feet feeling smooth. Next, the lower legs and feet are painted in a rich shea butter masque, then wrapped in a warm paraffin wrap, for the ultimate absorption. A relaxing lower leg and foot massage is done with our Muskoka Maple lotion that is nourishing. Your skin will say thank-you for making it feel so soft! Relax and take away your day’s woes with our perfect pedicure.

60 minutes | $100

Sea Breeze Cranberry Pedicure

What’s better than filling your bath with the sweetest vanilla aroma. You will start by soaking your feet in our warm bubble bath soak, that is refreshing and delight for the mind and soul. Your soles will be exfoliated with the invigorating Muskoka Cranberry Scrub polish, which will leave your feet feeling refreshed. Not only does it smells like cranberries, but it also actually has cranberry seeds in it too! Next, the lower legs and feet are painted in a rich shea butter masque, then wrapped in a warm paraffin wrap, for the ultimate absorption. A relaxing lower leg and foot massage is done with our Muskoka Cranberry lotion that is nourishing.

60 minutes | $100

The Rosseau Signature Manicure

A HydroSpa SIGNATURE TREATMENT the Rosseau Signature Manicure is a luxurious “facial” for your hands. A heated pillow will cradle your neck and a gentle massage will relax you completely.

Signature Manicure | $85

Gett'n Groovy CBD Pedicure

Dip your toes into a gentle detoxifying warm, bubble bath foot soak, infused with Hemp CBD. Experience the feeling of relief to areas of soreness and discomfort. This instantly soothes with a unique tingling sensation. Your soles will be gentle exfoliated with natural sugar infused CBD organic oil leaving your feet soft and reenergized. Next, the feet are painted in a rich clay-based mask then wrapped in paraffin wax that will deeply nourish while drawing out impurities. Relax with a lower leg and foot massage that is designed to destress tired muscles and feet with a cooling, tingling sensation. This Hemp CBD is also present in this massage medium that will relieve soreness, stress, and discomfort.

60 minutes | 115


Upgrade any 50-minute treatment or more with the following enhancements

Side-by-Side Couples Massage Experience

Take a journey together with a relaxing side-by-side massage in the privacy of a deluxe suite. Choose from relaxation, aromatherapy or hot stone treatments.

20 per couple

Groups, Conference, Events & Weddings HydroSpa Days

Arrange a luxurious day at the HydroSpa for your conference, event, group or wedding.

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